Global Renewable Energy - The Company/Management Team


Dr. Tarras Onischenko
Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Dr. Onischenko has vast experience in the field of corporate affairs. He provides professional services to Global Renewable Energy (GRE) and TGO Enterprises.

Dr. Onischenko is an officer and shareholder of Global Renewable Energy (GRE). His GRE responsibilities include:
  • Providing executive coaching
  • Establishing partnerships between management and staff
  • Integrating business units
  • Creating high growth performance environments
  • Identifying and recruiting upper level executive staff
  • Integrating business activities with cultural/human activities
  • Creating sustainable business environments
  • Maximizing business efficiency and efficiency through working with corporate executives, staff and third party business entities
  • Providing advice and policy recommendations to the Board of Directors
Dr. Tarras Onischenko is the President and Owner of TGO Enterprises which provides: executive coaching; corporate culture assessments; designs and implements corporate transformation services; identification, recruitment and hiring of upper level executive staff; emotional intelligence assessment and EQ competency development; executive and board consultation for clients such as NUCOR Steel and Hoechst-Celanese. Other professional experience includes: former Director of Mental Health for Mecklenburg County Mental Health Hospital, Duke University Medical Center and Eastover Psychological Group.

Dr. Onischenko’s educational background includes: a BA and MS from Bucknell University and a PhD from Duke University