Global Renewable Energy - The Company/Management Team


George M. Cochran
Director of Corporate Communication's Strategy and Media

George M. Cochran is CEO of Cochran Enterprsises (CE), Charlotte NC, a multi-faceted marketing company that has created communication solutions for GRE including support media for their La Gonave project.

CEs work has supported government and education initiatives, branded corporations through unique communication, pioneered business to business opportunities, and has enormous experience in the product and service arena.

Mr. Cochran is partnered with Gunar Skillins at CE to create an experienced, innovative driving force toward marketing solutions that includes consultation, strategy, concept, identity program, and multi-media production (film, print, digital / web, new media solutions), driven by quality.

George Cochran is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology. He is an award winning DGA Commercial Film Director, creating work for many Fortune 500 companies from across the United States.