Global Renewable Energy - The Company/Management Team


Donavon Yelton
Director of GRE Information Technology Department

Mr. Donavon Yelton is an accomplished information technology specialist. He provides professional services to Global Renewable Energy (GRE) and UrbanPlanet Institute LLC.

Mr. Yelton is Director of GRE’s Information Technology Department and shareholder of Global Renewable Energy (GRE). His GRE responsibilities include:
  • Managing all aspects of the GRE Information Technology Department
  • Providing strategic planning, tactical action and operational decision-making to fulfill the mission of the GRE Information Technology Department
  • Maintaining and upgrading GRE computer hardware and software
  • Implementing and administering corporate network security
  • Maintaining and upgrading corporate web and email services
  • Recommending future directions of the network
  • Administering the GRE Information Technology Department budget
  • Assist in recruiting, hiring, and providing appropriate training for IT support staff
Mr. Yelton is the Chief Executive Officer of UrbanPlanet Institute LLC that is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Other professional experience includes: IT Manager for Carpenter Industries in Concord, North Carolina and former IT specialist for Peterson and Ross Law Firm in Chicago, Illinois.