Global Renewable Energy - The Company/Management Team


Amy McGee
Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy,
Planning and Marketing

Ms. McGee has accumulated a broad base of experience over 16 years in the fields of advertising, marketing, pharmaceutical and medical sales, private jet services, corporate travel and entertainment planning. Her past experience has built a foundation for her success and ability to create winning strategies, solve problems, negotiate partnerships, develop successful marketing campaigns and generate revenue.

Ms. McGee is an officer and shareholder of Global Renewable Energy (GRE). Her GRE responsibilities include:
  • Direct all marketing efforts
  • Oversee corporate communications
  • Develop, prioritize and execute company strategies, plans and objectives
  • Provide advice and policy recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • Design, plan and oversee marketing, operations and budget
  • Analyze competitive threats, expansion opportunities and internal business drivers.
Amy McGee is also the President of Safire Concierge in Charlotte, NC. She founded the elite travel and entertainment company by combining the best services served by each business segment to include private air, world class sporting events packages, premiere entertainment events and rare travel experiences to the most prestigious destinations. In addition, Safire grew to create profitable relationships by creating marketing strategies, solving problems and facilitating negotiations between clients, partners, companies, investors and service providers. Safire was a realization of years of marketing and sales experience, a foundation of ethics, integrity and service.

Ms. McGee has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Hobart and William Smith Colleges and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.