Global Renewable Energy - The Company/GRE Project Update


GRE Project Update / April 1, 2010
As most of you are aware, we are doing everything possible to make the agreement signing a reality.

So that we are all up to date with the status of our project, we have put together a short outline of the activities of the past several months.

Early June 2009
Amy and Fred flew to La Gonave to promote the project and galvanize the islandersí support for GRE.

June 19, 2009

GRE put on a foot-stomping, energetic concert as a major media blast to promote La Gonave.

After the concert, Fred and Amy
appeared on numerous T.V. and radio
shows followed by a press conference
with questions and answers from
reporters and politicians.

If you would like to see the pictures
from the press conference, click on the
La Gonave link above, click on Photo
Albums, and click Press Conference
June 26.

July 2009

Fred flew to New York City to meet with powerful attorneys from Haiti to discuss the best ways to encourage the Haitian Government to approve the project.

Fred also met with several U.S. Congressmen including Kendrick Meek from Florida to garner their support for GRE.


July 2009

Fred and Bert Acevedo (GRE Shareholder) took part in the 2009 Haitian Diaspora Unity Congress held in Miami, FL, August 8th and 9th.

Bill Clinton, Special Envoy from the UN to Haiti gave the keynote address.
His speech can be found at:


July 2009

Fred also talked with Michele Pierre-Louis, the Prime Minister of Haiti.

She is a staunch supporter of GRE and said to Fred, “We need your project!”

In Closing

There is so much happening now behind the scenes, working to remove any doubts in the minds of the Haitian politicians so the agreement can be signed.

If any of you would like more information, you can always contact me by phone or email.

And on a more personal note, if you get a chance, thank Amy and Fred for their tireless devotion and efforts to make our project
a success.

Bob Caldwell,
Director of Business Development and Investor Relations
[email protected]