Global Renewable Energy - La Gonave/History of La Gonave


Many historians believe that Haiti was settled around 2600 BC by travelers from South America.

The next settlers were the Arawaks who arrived around 250 BC.

In 700 AD, The Taino (an Arawak tribe from Venezuela) arrived. These settles remained until the Spanish arrive in 1492. When the Spanish arrive, the island was a paradise rainforest.

In the early 1600s, French pirates arrived on the island. These pirates lived in the caves of La Gonave.

After Haitiís independence from the French was achieved, the French left the island and former black slaves discovered the natural treasures of the island and began cultivating bananas, yams, mangos, sweet potatoes, manioc, maize and other crops.

The treasures of La Gonave became well-known and its visitors and inhabitants began to destroy this beautiful islandís resources.

Today, the island has been deforested and the island is in a state of neglect. The people of La Gonave have been suffering for many of years.