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Fred Rice
Fred E. Rice, CEO,
Global Renewable Energy
Fred E. Rice, Chairman and CEO of Global Renewable Energy, Architect and Master Planner, presented his visions for La Gonave and Haiti to members of the media at a Friday, June 26, 2009 Press Conference held in the Edna Room of the Hotel Montana in Haiti. Several VIP leaders of Haiti spoke in support of the project and the La Gonave Movement for a New Haiti.
La Gonave Development Authority

Fred Rice
Initial Presentation of LGDA Concept for Development of La Gonave
Fred E. Rice meets with President Rene Preval of Haiti for the purpose of explaining his master plan for the Island of La Gonave. The meeting occurred in the National Palace of Haiti located in Port-au-Prince.

La Gonave Report
La Gonave Report
A Preview of La Gonave and LGDA

An overview of the LGDA initiative for La Gonave and Haiti which considers areas including:

Travel / Volunteerism
Industrial City Projects
Industrial Port Projects
Culture / Business
Biodiesel / Opportunities
Real Estate development
Reforesting / Lumber / Mulch
Building and Design
Vintage Communities
Law Division
Green Technologies
Electric Car Distributors
Renewable Fuels
Marketing Diversification
Island Transportation