Global Renewable Energy - La Gonave/Ethanol


Ethanol Facts:

1) Ethanol, a renewable fuel made from agricultural feedstocks, is one of the best tools we have to fight air pollution

2) One acre of corn can produce 300 gallons of ethanol -- enough to fuel four cars for one year with a 10% ethanol-blend

3) Ethanol is the safest component in gasoline today. A study by the Governors' Ethanol Coalition concluded that ethanol poses no threat to surface or ground water.

4) According to a study by the Argonne National Laboratory, the use of corn-based ethanol results in a 50 - 60 percent reduction in fossil energy use

5) Using the Dry Mill process, from one bushel of corn produces 18 pounds Distillers Dried Grain/bu and 18.4 pounds (2.8 gallons) Ethanol/bu

6) One acre of corn produces enough ethanol to equal 10 barrels of imported oil.

7) 23.8 gallons of ethanol displace one barrel of imported oil

8) American motorists have driven more than two trillion trouble-free miles on ethanol-blended fuels since 1980

9) Chrysler, Ford and General Motors recommend the use of ethanol in gasoline, while every motor manufacturer in the world approves ethanol blends and provides warranty coverage for properly blended ethanol fuel.

10) Ethanol is the only motor fuel additive that will not contribute to the "greenhouse effect." Ethanol, made from corn, helps reverse the global warming that currently threatens our environment

11) ALL auto manufacturers marketing vehicles in the U.S warrant a 10% ethanol-blended fuel for use.

12) Ethanol guards against gas line freeze by absorbing moisture that may get in the tank during cold weather.

13) The blending of 10% ethanol boosts the octane rating of gasoline by an average of three points.

14) One bushel of corn can produce at least 2.7 gallons of ethanol

15) E85 is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% unleaded gasoline that can be used in cars called flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs).

16) There are more than 3million FFVs currently on America's roadways.

17) E-diesel is a blend of up 15% ethanol, 5% blending additive, and at least 80% diesel currently under development

18) Testing to date has proven that E-diesel can lower particulate emissions by 20% to 30%, reduce sulfur content, and out-perform No. 2 diesel fuel in winter conditions, all without mechanical changes or problems

19) Ethanol is the only environmentally-friendly, renewable fuel available for use in fuel cells

20) Only gasoline and ethanol are available nationwide for fuel cell use and won't require extensive infrastructure investments. Unlike gasoline, however, ethanol is domestic, renewable, and easier to reform in a fuel cell